• Akademická pozice
  • Prageu
  • Adresa: Kamýcká 129, 16500, Praha - Suchdol
  • Požadované vzdělání: Vysokoškolské / univerzitní

Web https://twitter.com/czuvpraze Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze


  • University education (minimum of Ph.D. academic degree with the prospect of initiation of the procedure for granting of associate professorship)
  • Scientific and research experience, active publishing, publication in peer-reviewed high impact journals (IF), experience in implementation of ZRS CR projects (especially in project management), active command of English language+ another world language, skill at teaching in English
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in teaching at university

Job type: Full time

Application should contain:

  • Completed application for the tender, which is available here (Required!)
  • Diploma, diploma supplement (with nostrification, if necessary)
  • Structured CV with publication list

Send all documents to the address: CULS Prague,  HR Department, Kamýcká 129, 165 00 Praha-Suchdol. Applications will be accepted until June 20, 2021.

More information about rules of selection procedure you can see in University Internal Regulation on the website HERE

Chcete-li požádat o tuto práci napište podrobnosti na recruitment@rektorat.czu.cz