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Position of a postdoctoral researcher at FES (CZU Prague, Czech Republic). The successful candidate will be supervised by Dr. Lukas TRAKAL (trakal@fzp.czu.cz), director of V4 Biochar Platform and member of Environmental and Isotope Geochemistry Group.


Biochar is a pyrogenic black carbon material often produced from organic wastes. In recent years it has gained noteworthiness for its advantageous properties when amended into soil, including increased organic matter content and carbon sequestration, improved soil water retention and reduction of agricultural drought, enhanced soil fertility and crop productivity and biosorption and retardation of contaminant leaching.

Our team have developed various biochar-based products which have their properties fine-tuned for application to one or more of the above-mentioned applications in soils and we now seek an enthusiastic postdoc to join us in the testing, validation, and improvement of these materials further. You will work in our well-equipped laboratories as well as manage and operate two pilot demonstration field sites, and your activities will proceed in close collaboration with our international colleagues (co-mentor will be Dr. Luke Beesley, James Hutton Institute, UK).

The aim of this project is to develop new biochar-based soil additives for improving of the soil quality. In particular, you will work creatively within the following broad remit of: (1) measuring of soil water and nutrients retention; (2) monitoring of plant growth and soil microbial activity; and (3) stabilization of the selected metal(loid)s.

Required qualifications:

  • PhD in Environmental Sciences or related field obtained within the last 7 years (extensions due to parental leave are available).
  • Good command of spoken and written English.
  • Demonstrable contribution to the production of peer-reviewed scientific outputs
  • Sufficient scientific background related to soil chemistry and (hydro)pedology, particularly to the presence of organic matter in soil.
  • The following skill(s) will be advantageous (experience with laboratory and field devices for measuring of various soil parameters; modelling in soil; knowledge of microbiology and/or plant physiology).


The base gross salary is CZK 40 000 (EUR 1 630, which is monthly average for CR) plus contract from ongoing project(s) CZK 10 000 – 15 000. This can also be increased by successfully proposed project.

Important dates:

  • Submission deadline: 31 December 2023
  • Expected start: 01 February 2024


The position is for an initial duration of one year, consequently it will then be extended (after a year-evaluation) for at least two more years. The criteria for the evaluation will then be:

(1) quality of submitted scientific paper(s) and (2) project proposal preparation.

To apply please provide the following:

  • Cover letter highlighting previous research experience and explaining the suitability of the candidate for the advertised position.
  • Curriculum vitae including a list of publications.
  • Scan of the PhD certificate.
  • Two independent recommending letters.

In Prague on the 31st of October 2023

Chcete-li požádat o tuto práci napište podrobnosti na recruitment@rektorat.czu.cz